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Mrs. Griffin's 7th Grade Social Studies Class

SS7CG4 The student will compare and contrast various forms of government.

a. Describe the ways government systems distribute power: unitary, confederation, and federal.

b. Explain how governments determine citizen participation: autocratic, oligarchic, and democratic.

c. Describe the two predominant forms of democratic governments: parliamentary and presidential.

SS7CG5 The student will explain the structures of the modern governments of Southwest Asia.

a. Compare the parliamentary democracy of the State of Israel, the monarchy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the theocracy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, distinguishing the form of leadership and the role of the citizen in terms of voting rights and personal freedoms.

Israel Saudi Arabia Iran Government Chart

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When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

It might be true, but so e people don’t get going.

——_________———-  i thought mid terms were suppose to be hard, but i made A’s on the,. Then a teen’s worst nightmare…….. Report cards. I might have all a’s

anyway the moral: don’t over/underestimate anything. (Sorry about grammar and spelling)

Today, I had guests over at my house, so let’s say I forgot to greet them(which i didn’t) And my mom would get mad, after the guests leave grumbling (they did not, they were happy) I got grounded. (Which i am not)


Today’s message: Greet your house guest.

At School.

School can be so boring, but coming home reading a good book always cheers me up, so today’s moral, be yourself, and don’t let the smallest details put you down.

Little........ INCOMING